5 Ways to Improve Your Dealer Live Chat Experience

The dealer live chat customer service is the first connection point between your dealerships and the customers; the quality of it sets you apart from competitors. Statistics reveal that 93% of customers are more likely to repeat purchases from businesses that offer excellent customer service.

However, you may be aware that the landscape of car dealerships is particularly competitive, so how can you provide exceptional customer service while increasing sales?

This article discusses five practical ways to improve your dealer live chat experience. Please take a look at them below.

1. Reduce Response Times

In a recent survey, 47% of consumers said they couldn’t recall their last positive live chat experience. And the delay in the first response is one of the contributing factors. 

The wait time for the live chat operator to respond is around a minute or two; a simple conversation can take up to 10 to 15 minutes. Indeed, one of the biggest mistakes dealerships make when using the dealer live chat is not responding quickly enough to questions. Customers anticipate prompt replies and frequently leave without waiting for one. If you answer within five seconds, they will perceive that you care about them and are eager to assist. That is one of the main reasons businesses utilize automation technology nowadays to deliver instant customer service.  

2. Dealer Live Chat Should Always Be Available

Live chat solutions manned by humans present one difficulty for dealerships—they are not accessible 24/7. However, today vehicle buyers research cars at all hours of the day.

If they visit your dealership’s website, they may wish to discuss a particular vehicle irrespective of the time.

Therefore, dealerships need a solution that allows them to be reachable anytime, so prospective buyers can get their inquiries answered without delay. In addition, AI-powered chat automation can be a solution to keep your dealership’s customers engaged when the support team is not available or busy. 

3. How To Scale Online Customer Support

More than anybody, prospective car buyers want a human-like conversation when discussing their potential purchase, arranging a test drive, or asking about the vehicle’s specifics.

However, even the customer agent-manned live chats can sometimes sound robotic. Why? 

Because most of the time, they’re simply copying generic canned answers. When they get to the nitty gritty of the customer issue, they spend considerable time dealing with just one inquiry—leaving other prospects behind, increasing their wait time and curbing your efforts to scale your customer service. 68% of consumers switch to competitors if they feel you don’t care about them. 

4. Establish a Successful Customer-First Strategy

Before a live chat agent can even begin to offer a solution, they must engage in a lengthy question-and-answer discussion to obtain the prospect’s info, such as name, phone number, email address and postal codes. If the priority of live chat operators is to fetch clients’ details without wanting to assist customers’ original requests, that will decrease customer satisfaction and send customers away. 

5. Utilize Automation to Overcome Issues With Traditional Live Chat

If you’ve exhausted all other alternatives and traditional live chat assistance with human agents is too costly, automating the process with an AI-powered chatbot may be the way to go.

For example, DealerAI Chatbot offers a fully automated customer experience for automotive dealerships, meaning that your customers will get ultra-fast and accurate responses driven by deep learning with data. 

The tool also integrates with your CRM to enhance your operational flow while guaranteeing consistency and total control of responses; thus, you can deliver the dealer live chat experience across different digital platforms to create an omnichannel customer experience.

The Bottom Line

Consumers now have different expectations than in the past. They want instantaneous responses and won’t settle for anything less.

Take the DealerAI automation solution for a spin and amaze your dealership customers with prompt, accurate, and conversational customer support that’s always on!

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