6 Amazing AI Tools Revealed: Rev Up Your Dealership Sales Instantly

Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents exciting opportunities in the fast-paced world of automotive sales. With so many tools claiming to upgrade dealership operations, it’s crucial to identify those that truly stand out. At DealerAI, we’ve done the legwork for you. After extensive testing and evaluation, we’ve handpicked six AI tools that are the most promising for car dealership businesses. These tools have shown potential in various aspects of dealership management, from enhancing customer interaction to streamlining operations. We invite you to join us in exploring these select solutions, each offering unique benefits that could be a helpful fit for your organization.

1. Content creation made easy – ChatGPT by OpenAI

ChatGPT is like a virtual assistant that can understand and respond to questions or write text as if chatting with a human. Dealerships can leverage ChatGPT in various operational tasks to improve productivity: 

  • Content Creation: Draft job descriptions for the HR department or ad promotions for the marketing team. 
  • Email Templates: Crafting customized email templates such as service reminders or sales follow-ups.
  • Staff Training and Support: Developing easy-to-follow staff guidelines for consistent performance and saved training hours. 

As industries worldwide increasingly adopt ChatGPT, early integration of this Generative AI technology within your dealership positions you at the forefront of innovation and unlock extensive benefits. Embracing ChatGPT now is a strategic move towards harnessing its expanding capabilities, ensuring your dealership stays ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. The future of automotive dealership efficiency and customer engagement is unfolding now, and the possibilities with ChatGPT are expanding daily.

AI Tools - ChatGPT to write social posts

2. Image Generation AI Tools

In the dynamic world of image editing, generative AI fundamentally transforms our approach to tasks such as photo manipulation, graphic design, and artistic creation. The impact of this technology extends far beyond mere aesthetic enhancements; it plays a crucial role in driving sales and engaging customers. High-quality visuals are not just appealing; they are a powerful tool in capturing the attention of potential buyers, especially in sectors like automotive sales, where visual appeal can significantly influence purchasing decisions.

Generative AI offers unprecedented creativity and efficiency, vital for businesses aiming to stand out in a competitive market. Whether crafting an eye-catching ad or refining the images of vehicle listings, the ability to quickly produce high-quality visuals is invaluable. It streamlines turning a simple photograph into a compelling sales asset. In this context, AI tools such as Adobe Photoshop’s Generative FillDALL-EMidJourney, and StabilityAI are not just technological marvels; they are essential allies in pursuing enhanced sales performance through superior visual representation. 

Here are two examples of using the latest Generative Fill in Photoshop.

The red SUV below appears to be parked on the side of the road with fall leaves behind it. Photoshop can automatically expand it and add blue sky and clouds. The expansion and generative fill are very natural.

AI Tools - Expand photo background with Photoshop's Generative Fill

To remove the person from the image, it takes 2 attempts with the prompt. First, we asked to “Remove the person from the picture”, which left some marks on the floor. We then subsequently used the Lasso tool to select the area and asked to “Mesh with the background”.

AI Tools - Photoshop AI Removing Object

Yet another example, the banner image atop this post is created using DALL·E 3 and Photoshop.

3. The Chatbot for Automotive – DealerAI

In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, staying ahead means embracing innovation. DealerAI, a cutting-edge AI chatbot solution tailored specifically for automotive dealerships, stands at the forefront of this transformation. Combining the generative AI power of ChatGPT with our proprietary Neuron engine and enriched by your dealership’s unique data, DealerAI offers an experience finely tuned to the automotive sector.

More than just a chatbot, DealerAI is a strategic asset. It enables sophisticated, context-aware customer interactions, reflecting the complex nature of automotive sales. This tool understands and anticipates customer needs, providing relevant information and solutions in real-time.

DealerAI transforms your online customer engagement, ensuring effective lead management and nurturing from first contact. Its 24/7 functionality means your dealership is always open, ready to respond and build lasting relationships. In an industry that demands forward-thinking solutions, DealerAI is your partner in driving sales growth and shaping the future of automotive retail. We’ve developed a series of informative overview slides for those eager to delve deeper. Additionally, for a more hands-on experience, we invite you to explore our interactive playground.

4. Graphic and video design expert – Canva

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that empowers car dealerships to quickly create professional-looking visual content, enhancing their marketing and promotional efforts. Its intuitive platform supports a range of design needs:

  • Visual Content Creation: Design striking graphics for sales promotions and PowerPoint presentations using Canvas straightforward tools for impactful visual design.
  • Marketing Collateral: Easily produce brochures, flyers, and social media posts that reflect your dealership’s brand and offerings, with a wide array of templates to suit various needs.
  • Digital Advertising: Develop customizable digital banners and ads for your website or campaigns, with simple options to modify colours, insert new car images, and add promotional details.

One of Canva’s notable features is its one-click background removal tool, streamlining what once was a time-consuming editing task. Coupled with effortlessly customized templates, your marketing team can complete an entire ad design in just 5 minutes – a significant time-saver for busy dealerships.

These trendy, modern options can inspire and assist your sales and marketing team, accelerating the content creation process beyond traditional methods. With free and paid options, Canva provides flexibility and choice to suit your dealership’s specific needs and budget.

Left image: Canva’s default template. Right image: Customized for a dealership’s promo ad.

5. Use AI to generate ad assets – AdCreative.ai

Advertising assets play a crucial and complex role in enhancing automotive dealerships’ marketing and sales strategies. They are essential for promotion and building a dealership’s brand, marketing tactics, and customer engagement.

AdCreative.ai harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to create a diverse array of advertising creatives easily:

  • Just Input Details: You can start by entering your website, what you’re selling, your brand’s look (like colors and logos), and any pictures you want to use. You can even pick images directly from iStock.
  • Easy to Use: The platform is super user-friendly. It has helpful tips and how-to videos to guide you through.
  • Perfect Fit for Any Platform: Whether for Facebook, Instagram, or somewhere else, AdCreative.ai automatically ensures your ad is the right size for wherever you want to show it.
  • Saves Time: Great for getting lots of ads approved or working together with others. No more going back and forth making changes – you can create hundreds of ad options in just a few minutes.

In our recent demonstration, we showcased the capabilities of AdCreative.ai using the Mazda CX-90 advertisement as a reference*.

AI Tools - Auto generated ad assets

6. Produce customized soundtracks using AI – Stable Audio

Effective audio sound bites are crucial for impactful advertising and customer engagement for car dealerships. Stable Audio can craft custom music tailored to your needs using generative AI. Here’s how custom sound bites can uniquely represent your dealership:

  • Welcome Messages: Warm greetings suitable for phone calls or in-person welcomes, setting a positive first impression.
  • Promotional Announcements: Engaging, brief clips to spotlight promotions, sales, or special offers, ideal for radio and in-store play.
  • Brand Jingles: Distinctive jingles or musical themes embody your brand, enhancing brand recognition and recall.
  • Vehicle Feature Highlights: Concise, informative descriptions of vehicle features, enriched with ambient music to make the narrative more engaging.
  • Service Reminders: Subtle audio reminders for maintenance or service deals, perfect for automated communication.
  • Emergency Contact and Support: Clear instructions or information for dealership-related emergency services.

Stable Audio includes an intuitive user guide for crafting music using simple prompts, allowing you to create and download distinctive, brand-aligned audio easily.

AI Tools - Generate audio by describing it

Harnessing AI: Powering Tomorrow’s Dealerships Today

In summary, these six AI tools represent the forefront of innovation in the automotive dealership industry. From enhancing your online presence with DealerAI’s chatbot to creating visually stunning advertisements with Canva and AdCreative.ai, each tool offers a unique way to streamline operations, engage customers, and boost sales. The potential of AI in transforming your dealership is immense, and the time to act is now. Integrating these cutting-edge solutions positions your organization for success and future growth. Embrace these AI advancements and drive your dealership into a new era of efficiency and excellence. Interested in what AI can do for your dealership? Chat with our AI expert, and let’s drive your dealership’s success together!