Car Dealership Live Chat – How Can Chat Automation Get You More Customers?

A few years back, it was hard to imagine a world where robots would outperform humans. But the rapid evolution in technology has made this a reality already. Take chatbots, for instance, which have become an essential tool for car dealerships and auto groups across North America to boost sales.

As you know, customers prefer companies that deliver smooth, engaging, and prompt service.

Integrating AI-powered chatbots into your support is an effective way to achieve this goal. This is because they automate customer communication and offer them round-the-clock support. However, there are various other ways through which chatbots can help improve your sales. We have discussed a few of them below. Please give them a solid read.

Car Dealership Chat Automation Benefits:

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Chatbots help car dealerships improve their customer engagement levels by adding a personal touch to conversations. For example, they are smart enough to analyze customer details and provide fast, real-time responses personally. Besides, their answers are always precise and concise, which means your customers will always receive just the relevant information. And when visitors receive relevant information, they become more engaged in your website and offerings.

Increase in Lead Generation

Numerous lead generation tools are available in the market, but most car dealerships in North America prefer chatbots because of their added perks. For example, you can automate your chatbots to ask the visitors relevant questions and point them to your sales team for a quick conversion if they seem interested in making a purchase. There is also an option to use a template for appointment bookings when your team is busy or away.

Insights from Customer Data

Another excellent way chat automation can help your car dealership boost sales! As you know, data monitoring is an effective way for companies of all types and sizes to analyze consumer behaviour and purchasing patterns. 

AI bots make life easy for you in this regard, as you can program them to collect user data in various ways. For example, you can use your chatbots to provide the leads with car recommendations and ask them to leave feedback. Based on their input, you can determine what models sell the most and display them at your storefronts to boost sales.

Consumers Love Chatbots

Perhaps you don’t know it, but many customers will bounce from your website after seeing it doesn’t have AI chatbots. This is because the modern generation of buyers finds phone calls tiresome, tedious, and socially challenging.

A Helpshift study reveals that 79% of website visitors prefer to interact with companies through live chat. And this is where chatbots become handy. You can automate them to provide consistent and prompt responses all the time – whether day or night, rain or sunshine. 

And when you communicate with customers through their preferred medium, they automatically become more likely to buy from your car dealership.

Bottom Line

Today, chatbots have become the key to car dealerships’ success in North American markets. They are revolutionizing different aspects of customer service and playing a crucial role in boosting sales for auto groups in the region. Considering all these advantages, it makes sense to integrate an AI chatbot like DealerAI into your support, or you’ll be at risk of losing the race.

With DealerAI automated chat solution, you can:

  • Save 100% of the dealership’s agent hours on collecting info that visitors were initially planning to submit.
  • Deliver prompt and consistent responses to customers
  • Maintain consistency between various digital platforms such as SMS, websites, and social media.
  • Customers enjoy the fun of a self-serve online experience and enhanced conversation engagements. 

Interested in knowing more? Reserve a time to chat with our digital expert.

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