Welcome to our FAQ page, where we’re committed to providing you with clear and comprehensive answers to the questions you may have about DealerAI. We understand that making informed decisions about our AI chatbot and its capabilities is crucial for your organization’s success. This FAQ section is designed to address common queries and provide insights into how DealerAI can enhance your online customer support. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for personalized assistance. Let’s explore the world of DealerAI together.

DealerAI is more than just a chatbot; it is a comprehensive solution. While it includes an AI chatbot for immediate customer engagement, it also features an advanced follow-up system. This system intelligently determines when and how to re-engage with prospects, ensuring that you stay connected and nurture relationships effectively.

The DealerAI chatbot represents a comprehensive AI solution, fully automated to deliver instantaneous, reliable, and precise responses to customer inquiries. It operates autonomously to ensure a seamless customer experience. Nevertheless, we also offer the flexibility of a fallback mechanism. If you opt to do so, you have the ability to take control of the conversation from the AI at any point. Furthermore, once your interaction is concluded, you can seamlessly return control back to the AI, combining the advantages of automation with human oversight as needed.

Yes, DealerAI offers more than just a front-facing chatbot for your website. It possesses the capability to analyze conversations intelligently and determine when it’s appropriate to initiate follow-ups with your customers. Moreover, we provide you with the means to customize the AI’s behavior, allowing you to fine-tune how it engages with your customers, ensuring that the follow-up process aligns perfectly with your organization’s unique requirements and preferences.

Absolutely, you have the flexibility to tailor and refine the AI according to your dealership’s unique needs. Through our user-friendly backend portal, you can input essential data for the AI to learn and adapt from. This includes details such as your staff information, operating hours, holiday schedules, and the specific services you offer. DealerAI’s customization capabilities empower you to fine-tune the AI’s responses, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with your dealership’s identity and requirements.

Thank you for your interest in DealerAI. Our chatbot, DealerAI, is designed to provide efficient online customer support. It doesn’t read your website like a human would, but it’s equipped with AI capabilities that enable it to understand and respond to customer inquiries effectively. It leverages predefined information and patterns to provide accurate responses, ensuring a seamless customer experience on your website. While it doesn’t read your website automatically, it can be trained on your data, if supplied.

DealerAI utilizes OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which boasts multilingual capabilities. This means that you can initiate a conversation in a specific language, and the chatbot will seamlessly engage with you in that language. Moreover, should you decide to switch languages during the conversation, DealerAI remains versatile and capable of comprehending and responding in the new language, ensuring a smooth and convenient multilingual interaction.

DealerAI incorporates a unique blend of its own Neuron AI engine and the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It’s important to note that DealerAI was developed 1.5 years prior to the release of ChatGPT. As of the current date, the responses generated by DealerAI are powered by OpenAI, drawing from a rich pool of information that includes input from DealerAI’s Neuron engine, the user’s query, as well as your organization’s specific data and preferences. This synergy ensures that you receive accurate and contextually relevant responses to enhance your online customer support.

Before integrating ChatGPT, DealerAI was constructed using a combination of technologies, including Microsoft LUIS, QnA, and Google’s AutoML. This architecture allowed DealerAI to extract user intent from their queries and guide them through specific workflow dialogs based on that intent, taking into account details like vehicle models and trims. To enhance language understanding, we provided a dedicated dataset for training.

However, this previous system had its limitations, notably in terms of false positives and the ability to engage in dynamic, free-flowing conversations. With the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, these challenges were effectively addressed. Despite this transition, we’ve retained the foundational infrastructure that positions DealerAI within the specialized context of the automotive industry. This unique blend of technologies and expertise continues to make DealerAI a powerful and precise solution for online customer support within the automotive sector.

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