How to Empower and Equip the Dealership’s Team Through Automation

Automating the dealership team’s work can bring significant cost savings, help you streamline business operations, and allow your staff to focus on value-creating, strategic activities. Automation does not limit to benefits only big corporations; small-medium scale businesses should also look into the possibilities of how the automating technology can help grow their dealerships.

Car buyers’ expectations have shifted: they want a 24/7 virtual car buying experience with easily accessible information on the vehicle’s price, options, inventory, features, parts and order status. As a result, dealerships have adapted to a new environment in response to the changing automobile landscape.

The first step toward dealership success is to empower and improve your team’s performance. Dealerships that equip their teams with the necessary tools can achieve more deals. 

Four Main Strategies to Empower Your Dealership’s Team Through Automation

1. Automate Lead and Customer Relationship Management

Most dealerships utilize a CRM system to move the leads down the sales funnel. Therefore, the next step is matching the system with an online chat solution. Especially, an innovative automotive dealership-focused chatbot should be able to collect quality leads. AI intelligent chat solutions like DealerAI can schedule bookings and test drives. The key benefits of it are to direct leads to each department by ADF (Auto-Lead Data Format) and, or HTML emails. That way, dealerships don’t need to spend extra effort sorting and entering the data into the CRM system.

2. Leverage Marketing Automation Tools

Getting in front of your target audience with the right marketing message can make or break your dealership business. But, crafting and manually sending marketing emails can also consume a significant amount of your staff’s time.

Automating marketing campaigns can relieve your dealerships’ employees from mundane and repetitive tasks that take up their valuable time. In addition, automating marketing efforts will allow you to run more personalized campaigns and attract high-quality leads, which your team could nurture and generate more revenue.

3. Improve Car Dealership’s Customer Service With Chatbots

The quality of conversations your customers have with your automotive business can significantly affect the chance of getting a deal. But having around-the-clock customer support operated by a human is undoubtedly too costly and inefficient.

Thanks to the growing popularity of conversational chatbots like DealerAIyou can now automate customer support in a way that no other tool can. Most importantly, your sales manager will no longer be required to answer basic consumer queries like opening hours and store locations; instead, they can analyze the gathered customers’ data and be well-prepared before reaching the clients. 

Furthermore, an automated platform will delight your leads with ‘always-on,’ speedy and highly accurate responses, increase your team’s productivity, and potentially generate 67% more sales. 

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4. Equip Your Team With Data and Insight Into Prospects Behavior

Unquestionably, what indeed can empower your dealership staff is the big data. Every interaction your prospects have with your automobile business provides valuable insights into their behaviour, vehicle make and model preferences, and much more.

AI-powered tools, such as DealerAI, can help identify consumers who are most likely to purchase based on their questions and highly engaging interaction. This, in turn, helps your team offer more relevant deals and personalized promotions while building deeper bonds with your clients and increasing their loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Implementing automation solutions can turn your dealership’s team into top performers. Business owners who strive to get the right tools to support their teams have more confidence with the best chances to succeed!

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