A Modern Car Dealership: Improve Productivity Through Leveraging Data The Right Way

Car dealerships collect mountains of data like any other business.

However, not often is this data put to good use, and by that, we mean to boost the dealership’s productivity, drive highly-nuanced marketing campaigns, and run your day-to-day operations with ease and a low-touch approach.

With 61.4% of car buyers looking to purchase their next vehicle at a dealership, dealerships should consider data-driven solutions to cope with the demand. After all, leading a business requires managing multiple fronts; hence, automation solutions can be lifesaving.

Thus, we’ll discuss three data-driven approaches to improve your dealership’s productivity.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are not some buzzword but a must-have data management platform for modern dealerships.

Automotive CRM software allows auto dealers to collect, process, and organize all relevant data about customers and prospects. Including visits, purchases, preferred vehicles, and subscriptions.

In addition, having a CRM helps to better target potential car buyers through the perfect synthesis of their data hub via multiple digital touchpoints.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are another excellent solution for modern and data-driven dealerships. Managing an auto dealership business means you need reliable car inventory levels, accounting, and payroll data.

Dealerships often rely on disintegrated legacy systems, meaning that you constantly need to manually move data from one system to another to make sense of your operations.

Automotive ERP systems aid in streamlining, optimizing, and providing precise, actionable data instead of relying on estimations or incomplete information.

Integrate with AI Automation Technology

Last but not least, make good use of artificial intelligence. Think about it. When car buyers browse their next vehicle, they naturally have numerous questions or requests. Yet, if they pick up the phone to contact the dealership, everything they discuss with an agent remains undocumented or poorly documented through manual transcription.

Some dealers rely on third-party live chat companies to handle online requests. However, most traditional live chat‘s initial purpose is to capture leads; interactions and customer engagements might be lacking. That’s also because the live chat agents aren’t part of the dealership and can only have limited resources to answer questions. Therefore, dealers are losing an opportunity to gather valuable info.

Thanks to DealerAI’s auto dealers’ automation solutions, you no longer have to tap into the traditional customer and human agent combination. Instead, whenever your prospects reach out to your dealership, the DealerAI intelligent technology will be your most reliable digital customer support without needing staff to involve. Moreover, with DealerAI’s highly engaging, self-served approach, the sales team can now analyze the real-time conversation details for a higher success rate of closing deals.


Handling all the data your car dealership collects, organizes and uses to draw insights can be time-consuming and unproductive, resulting in wasted labour hours.

With the wide selection of data automation tools available, every dealership can up its game, ultimately reaping the benefits of higher productivity, accurate and complete data, and efficient dealership operations.

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