Is Chatbot a Fad Or Here To Stay For The Future?

Professional spheres, in this day and age, have turned into competitive and noisy environments. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can now automate processes and are capable of delivering seamless services to our customers.

In simple terms, AI and machine learning have enabled us to create smart applications. These applications directly understand our customer’s problems and provide them with relevant solutions. 

Among AI innovations, chatbots have gained significance over the last decade. Based on the statistics of 2018, chatbots are one of the best-explored solutions in the global market. Today, more than 37% of the U.S. individuals would consider getting in touch with a chatbot in a state of emergency. This trend is on the constant rise among millennials than it is among baby boomers. Are they just a fad? Or are they here to revolutionize different industries?


Chatbots in the wild

The airline industry has adopted chatbots to assist with customer queries. It allows customers to acquire information on airline schedules, flight bookings, etc. For example, Aeromexico, a renowned Mexican airline service, launched a chatbot on Facebook, which allows the airline to serve over 1000 customers per day. The chatbot easily handles a 4-men job. 

Another industry that has seen significant success with chatbots is none other but the food services. People are now able to order their food directly using a chatbot without much hassle, especially for people who crave for a pizza in the middle of the night. To assist such individuals, Dominos is one of the major brands who built a chatbot and make well over $5 billion from digital channels. 

Similarly, car dealerships that traditionally use human-operated live chats are seeing a shift in the landscape. Bots like DealerAI have not only brought more leads to the car dealership but have also automated the work traditionally run by a BDC. The conversational AI that is goal-oriented empowers the chatbot to converse naturally with the customers and help with their objectives promptly.  

Moreover, we also see chatbots in other industries, such as pharmaceuticals, eCommerce, and, fintech. 

Not a fad, but the future

The future is here and now. It is all about how interactive chatbots can be. Today, chatbots have become scalable and are accurate in understanding user queries. 77% of customers say chatbots will transform their expectations of companies in the next five years. Technology is mature enough now for chatbots that are more data-driven and derive highly contextual results. It is here to stay and to transform our experiences. 

In our next post, we will discuss AI for Dealerships and When to Take Back Control

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