This Tech Tool Can Improve Your Dealership’s Online Presence

There’s no way back—car sales are going digital, meaning dealership owners need to build their online presence.

Since the pandemic, the new and used car purchase process has become more streamlined and efficient, as buyers now complete more than half of the pre-purchase steps online. And, with such convenience, customer satisfaction is soaring to new highs.

Thus, as a car dealership, you’re probably wondering what you must do to increase your dealership’s online presence.

Aside from having a solid website and active social media accounts, one tool that can genuinely elevate your car dealership’s online presence is an automated AI chatbot.

Are you curious about this secret weapon to increase your online presence? Then, continue reading this article right until the end.

Why Do You Need a Strong Online Presence for Your Dealership?

First and foremost, let’s look at several fundamental reasons why an online presence is essential in today’s automotive industry.

Prospective Car Buyers Are Online

Buying a car online is becoming the norm. As a result, prospective vehicle buyers start the search for their next purchase on the internet rather than visiting brick-and-mortar dealerships. For this reason, you need a solid digital presence, whether it’s your website or social media channels.

Make Your Dealership Discoverable

If you aren’t online, your customers can’t find you, so you’re only relying on walk-in customers, limiting your ability to access a wider audience.

You Will Always Be Online

A strong online presence means prospective customers can find you anytime and contact you whenever they have questions. In addition, you can deploy contact forms and chatbot solutions, so your customers can reach out to you 24/7.

How Automating Live Chat Can Take Your Vehicle Business Online Presence to the Next Level

Many visitors to your dealership’s website are in the research phase of the purchase process, so it’s your opportunity to deliver an excellent customer experience.

After all, nearly 80% of US consumers expect speedy, convenient, knowledgeable, friendly, and human-like service. And that’s where an AI-powered chatbot can help you stand out from competitors.

Instant After-hours Service

Your dealership can automate customer service with AI chatbots and create an around-the-clock online presence. This 24/7 availability allows you to attend to customers when it’s most convenient, guaranteeing continuous service and minimizing wait time even during off-hours.

Omnichannel Communications

Your potential customers hang around on multiple digital platforms, such as Facebook pages, websites and SMS. Thus, having a conversational AI-powered Chatbot can make your dealership more approachable via different online channels.

Multilingual Presence to Capture a Diverse Customer Base

You’re no longer restricted to serving the local customer base as a dealership. Thanks to the growing popularity of online vehicle purchases, you can target a diverse audience.

However, translating your website into multiple languages or hiring in-house customer service representatives that can converse in different languages is not sustainable. 

The good news is that you can now take advantage of a multilingual online presence powered by conversational chatbots ready to assist your next customers in their native language.

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