Emanating a series of 0s and 1s to transform data into human-readable responses is faster than human.


The AI fetches data from the source, guaranteeing that the factuality and accuracy of info are its paramount duty.


By reducing human variant factors, our conversational platform employs AI to exert consistent output for success.

Always On

The light is always-on. Our AI engine operates 24/7, assisting, directing, and engaging with customers at all times.


ProactiveAI is our proprietary AI tech to actively and non-intrusively converses with online visitors.

Deep Learning

Leveraging a real AI engine to absorb previous conversations’ knowledge, our tech learns over time by example.


Our AI understands more than 70+ languages to cater the ever-diversified customer base.


Not only does our platform connects to inventory and CRM, but it is also the only one with integrated incentive data.