4 Tips Dealerships Can Increase Customer Engagement Digitally

The value of consumer engagement

Is your dealership taking all the simple steps to increase customer engagement digitally? 95% of car buyers search vehicle information online before making their purchase decision. Having high customer engagement can help dealerships build a much stronger relationship and trust with customers. 

1. Social media active for customer engagement

With 84% of automotive shoppers are on Facebook, how dealerships are presenting on social media can influence buyers’ purchase decisions. Therefore, make sure the company’s info is up-to-date, share incentives and promotions regularly, show photos of recent new car owners. And most importantly, engage with customers by responding to their comments is another way to reinforce online interactions. 

2. Adding #hashtags to increase customer engagement 

Let’s take a quick look on how powerful hashtags are on Instagram: 

#Car – 80.2 million posts 

#Automotive – 8.6 million posts 

#Cars – 66.2 million posts 

#Cargram – 8 million posts 

Hashtags can help dealerships reach new visitors. Instagram posts containing hashtags have 29% more interactions than social media posts that didn’t have any. In addition, having a unique hashtag to represent #YourDealershipBrand can allow loyal customers to share on their social media. In other words, the dealership is gaining free referrals to their friends and families! 

3. List used cars on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has 2.32 billion active users monthly, and it makes sense for dealerships to increase exposures and bring in new leads by uploading used car listing on Facebook Marketplace. Automate the process by linking Marketplace with your inventory partner, a different way to get inbound sales and drive traffic to your social media account. It’s a free and win-win strategy.   

4. Level-up with digital tools  

Grow your dealership to the next level by equipping AI technology. Powerful chatbot such as DealerAI is cost-effective, practical and efficient. Its proactive interaction intelligence can enhance customer satisfaction. In conclusion, chatting with your online customers like how you would do at the dealership showroom will eventually convert more quality leads for the sales team. A chatbot is one of the must-have digital investments for dealerships in 2021.

If you’re new to chatbots and don’t know where to start, schedule a test drive to experience the power of DealerAI with one of our friendly staff.      

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