Why Dealerships Need Multilingual Customer Support

Multilingual customer support can benefit a dealership in different ways. Your dealership is lucky if any staff can speak more than three languages. Thanks to advanced technology improvements, communicating with customers online in their mother tongue has never been easier.

Boost customer retention

Surprise and delight your online customers by assisting them in the language that they feel most comfortable with, giving them a chance to express their requests and problems freely. Satisfying customer experience will turn one-time customers into long-term customers. Loyal clients are also more likely to refer your dealerships to families and friends. 

Reach a wider customer base with multilingual customer support

29% of businesses lost customers because they do not offer multilingual customer support. You cast your net much wider by helping customers in different languages such as Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Tagalog, Vietnamese, and more. That is a direct way to show them you care; potential buyers will tend to have more trust in your brand after having a positive experience.

Drives long-term revenue

Businesses will only grow when having more happy customers and an increase in site traffic. 75% of consumers are likely to purchase from a brand if their website or products are available in their native language. If your goal is to increase sales and minimize expenses simultaneously, one strategy is to utilize an AI chatbot. The ability to engage customers in 70+ different languages gives you a competitive edge to stand out from the crowd.

The video below showcases DealerAI assists a Chinese customer with her inquiries and provides vehicle options within her budget: 

Remain competitive in the industry and armed with the right digital tools that provide multilingual customer support.

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