3 Ways Chatbots Improve Customer Satisfaction at Dealerships

We are here to talk about 3 ways chatbots improve customer satisfaction at dealerships. In the past few years, AI chatbots have made communications between customers and companies more accessible than ever before. Not only do these machines offer 24/7 issue resolution, but they also bring lead generation for the business. Without the need to increase headcounts, they can also scale nicely to support a growing operation. 

According to recent research, 67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot for customer support in the past year. Chatbots are estimated to save businesses up to $11 billion in support costs by 2025.  

1. Give Customers the Answer They’re Looking For

Customers initiate a chat hoping to obtain direct answers, not just to leave name and phone number. For instance, some people are specifically interested in whether a vehicle is in stock or not. Chatbots that integrate with inventory data can provide the availability at a heartbeat, where a human agent needs to take time for the search. In another scenario, AI-based chatbots can bring customers the used cars they are looking for according to their budget range, their required specific make, and models. 

2. Be Fast and Accurate

Running on 1s and 0s, chatbots are inherently much faster than human agents. It handles as many chats as computational power permits simultaneously to offer 24/ 7 customer support. Access to data ensures precision. It is, hence, critical for car dealerships to supply their chatbot with updated data to provide accurate information. 

3. Communicate in Customer’s Language

A human agent may find it challenging to achieve multilingual capability, but a chatbot can easily offer that. Dealerships can provide customers with the option to toggle and select their preferred language for communication. The ability to converse in the customer’s preferred language enhances communication quality.


Artificial intelligence is the future of pretty much every industry. Owners and GMs can utilize intelligent tooling like an AI chatbot to improve customer satisfaction at dealerships.

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