5 Reasons Why Your Dealership Needs Live Chat

Are you a dealership owner who doesn’t have chat support yet but seeks to boost sales through better customer engagement? Live chat function in the automotive industry has been changing the game, reducing dealerships’ response times to customer inquiries and attracting higher quality leads.

Automated live chat is an excellent alternative to traditional customer service departments, as they can be modified to the demands of car dealerships, allowing dealers and auto groups to engage and serve clients in a personalized manner.

Continue reading to find out the top five reasons your dealership can benefit from a live chat feature.

Live Chat Can Save You Time

Relying on a phone or an email could keep your customers waiting too long. For example, car dealerships tend to be busy on the floor with walk-in customers, receiving hundreds of inquiries from prospective car buyers – do you have enough staff to provide timely online customer support?

Thanks to the live chat function, it is possible for dealerships to rapidly reply to client queries at any time of day, including off-hours, weekends, and holidays. However, 60% of customers state that long waiting times and holds could be a dealbreaker, ultimately costing your business an opportunity to convert a lead into a paying customer.

Automated Live Chat Can Slash Your HR Costs

A quality customer service department can be costly, but running your dealership without one is a rookie mistake. Unlike the conventional live chat service, an automated chatbot does not need the presence of human workers to operate, meaning that you save on HR expenses and use the capital to reinvest into activities with a better ROI.

Effectively Capture Leads via Website

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the auto industry has evolved, altering the expectations and behaviours of how consumers purchase a vehicle. Most customers begin their car search online and have gotten used to receiving prompt, high-quality service owing to their experiences with large digital-first organizations. Therefore, it’s crucial to meet your prospective customers where they are – in this case, on your website, social media platform or SMS.

Automated chatbots can be a great way to answer your customers’ inquiries and help them find a suitable car model. Chatbots can increase your lead conversation by 44%, besides collecting valuable data that general managers can pass on to the sales team to act on in a more nuanced manner.

Provide Customer-Tailored Service

Auto dealers want to guarantee that clients have a consistent experience with the dealership; this isn’t a problem with live chat. Data shows that 63% of customers who used a website’s live chat feature are more inclined to return.

Whatsmore, automated chatbot personalization meets the dealer’s identity. For instance, DealerAI’s chat tool has its own AI engine, including deep learning technologies continually improving to ensure client satisfaction.

Generate Data-Driven Sales

Live chat remains untapped potential for your business, although some car dealerships do not offer a chatbot option on their website.

Yet, when clients are already on a dealership’s website and seeking information, firms should immediately begin using chat assistance to provide customer service and gather critical information from the customer.

Visitors, who engage with live chat, such as DealerAI, submit valuable information that gets directly sent to the dealership’s CRM system, helping decision-makers plan and apply a practical sales approach.


Here are the five reasons your dealership needs AI-powered automated live chat capabilities. DealerAI could be your perfect solution that enables the automation of live chat services to capture leads, answer car-related inquiries, and schedule appointments.

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