How Can Live Chat Automation Create Opportunities for Your Dealership?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, more and more companies are abandoning the antiquated practice of maintaining personal relationships with customers via live chats conducted by humans.

As a dealership, if your rivals don’t provide live chat (or poor chat service) to their customers, this gives you an opportunity to wow them.

Thus, this article will look at how live chat automation can replace conventional customer support personnel to improve service at your auto dealership.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

How Can Live Chat Automation Help Your Dealership

Customers Prefer a Chat Service Over a Phone Call

Nobody likesNobody likes to repeat themselves every time they speak about the problem they’re experiencing. Indeed, 72% of customers want a representative to know their facts, including service appointments and product information, without the agent asking for them. Therefore, dealers should select delicate structure chats that have the flexibility and transparency for the team to review customer conversations.  

People are more inclined to ask queries through chat, with more than half of customers preferring to get help through a chat service than over the phone. 

Not only does automating live chat cut down on the workload employees face allowing them to spend time on more important matters, but it also speeds up the process of their data results.

Live Chat Automation Can Collect Useful Data

Customer service through live chat automation is a great way to gather data. You can save, categorize, and tag conversations by leveraging your live chat software.

With little upfront effort, you can build a collection of data that educates your support staff and your product and marketing teams by categorizing and reviewing discussions.

Users of a self-service system are encouraged to explore the system and engage with it more, increasing the likelihood for businesses to complete the transactions.

Conversations that are highly engaging capture information on the preferences of prospective automobile buyers, allowing sales and executives to better prepare for their sales.

DealerAI’s one-stop portal allows dealerships to monitor leads in real-time.

Live Chat Automation Is the Future of Customer Service

Given that, live chat automation improves the customer support experience with the timely responses it offers while helping with customer acquisition and onboarding.

The automation of live chat can open up multiple doors for your dealership business, transforming the industry and serving the needs of consumers while also allowing companies to scale.

By using live chat automation, owners can expand the scope of their company; for instance, DealerAI’s deep learning technologies can boost long-term client satisfaction with unique software tailored to your dealership’s identity.

The Key Takeaway

The success or failure of your auto dealership is directly related to how well and quickly you serve your customers. Therefore, having all the necessary tools is crucial to remain one step ahead of the competition.

DealerAI’s live chat automation is designed exclusively for car dealerships and other enterprises in the automotive industry, offering instant and real-time customer care, which helps dealers and auto groups better communicate with and attend to their existing and potential clients.

Get in touch with our team immediately and let us fully automate your dealership’s customer support.

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