Why Should Car Dealerships Have an After-Hours Online Customer Support?

Research indicates car buyers spend 59% of their time researching online. They prefer services that provide after-hours customer support as they leave a remarkable impression.

Moreover, 6 out of 10 buyers are indecisive on a particular automobile for car dealerships. Therefore, having an AI chatbot can assist in this regard. Automated online chat support will save buyers time by answering their queries instantly. It’s also on guard 24/7 without sleep or throwing tantrums.

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DealerAI Chatbot for After-Hours Support in Car Dealerships

Sales can not happen without having clients. The customer support service plays a vital role in retaining the car shoppers, extricating more value from them in the car dealership. The after-hours support is as indispensable as customer support during working hours. 

There are several benefits that exceptional client support can provide, and eventually, they contribute a lot to nourishing your business and brand awareness. Firstly, substantial customer service enhances the marketing and sales opportunities. Secondly, it promotes a loyal following that refers to your clients.

Thirdly, our latest AI chatbot can help you provide after-hours online customer support service. In conclusion, DealerAI.com helps car dealerships to automate online live chat services. 

It can:

  • Capture leads
  • Collect valuable big data 
  • Provide car-related inquiries (including FAQs)
  • Real-time inventory search and update
  • Integrate across-channels approach 
  • Automate Customer Engagement
  • Connect to representatives and managers
  • Schedule sales and service appointments
  • Book test drives

Why Choose Us

In a nutshell, our AI chatbot is the best service to provide after-hours customer support in car dealerships. And most importantly, it will help you enhance customers’ satisfaction, which is paramount to helping your business propagate successfully.

Chart. 1.0 Benefits of AI chatbot for car dealerships
Chatbot BenefitsHow Does It Work?
High EngagementCommunicates with online visitors and social media followers
Collect DataInteracts with the car buyers, gathers information, and stores it securely
Unlimited ChatsIt manages unlimited chats over multi-channels, including webchat, Facebook, Messenger, and SMS
Cost ReductionFree staff to answer the queries and focus on closing sales
Table 2.0 Car Dealerships Benefits of Using Chatbots

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