What is a Chatbot For Car Dealerships & Automotive Businesses

A chatbot is live chat automation to conduct human tasks with greater efficiency, faster pace, and higher accuracy. For example, the on-demand changing nature led DealerAI developers to design a software program to assist car dealerships in customer service and support. Typical challenges of traditional live chats are human errors, slow response, and not being available all-round the clock; that’s where chatbots come into place to fill in the gaps.

How Does A Chatbot Work?

The chatbot includes a tremendous amount of conversation logs that aid in giving the correct answers. For instance, a car dealership can set their preferences on conversation tones, opening hours, current promotions, and available services. Then, the robot will use this database to respond to customers automatically.

The three most common kinds of chatbots used in the status quo are Rule-based, Intelligent and AI-powered. Rules-Based chatbots have pre-defined, specified answers to specific questions. Intelligent chatbots identify keywords or phrases relevant to a car dealership and respond with pre-defined answers accordingly. Finally, Al-powered chatbots like DealerAI combine the first two kinds; hence they are more advanced in their work. They can memorize conversations, learn user preferences and converse naturally through Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The Technology Behind Chatbots

These chatbots construct using pattern-matching, algorithms, and artificial neural networks. Pattern-matching robots trained to answer questions present in their database. Algorithms allow a unique pattern to develop for each question, to respond accordingly. Finally, artificial neural networks answer queries with the help of weighted connections and contextual information. In this case, every word that the bot comes across is essential while it forms a response.

Why Are Chatbots Important For Automotive Businesses?

Studies conducted identified that the most common causes to agitate a customer while shopping online are: when it is challenging to navigate through the website (34%), when simple questions are left unanswered (31%) and when details like the address, contact, opening and closing times are unavailable (28%). When situations happen, the artificial intelligence chatbot is perfect to come to save the day. In addition, users prefer to be interacting with a bot with a higher satisfaction if the dealership site answer questions (37%), resolve a complaint (35%) and can provide vehicle inventory data instantly (35%).

Chatbots are important for car dealerships because:

  • They offer excellent customer service.
  • They keep your car buyers from choosing another dealership.
  • Business owners decrease the need to hire human representatives for the job.
  • The bot will organize leads and pass conversation history to the sales and service team to follow up and close the deals. 
  • Chatbot collects extensive data. The sales team can better understand customers by analyzing car buyers’ behaviours.
  • The self-serve element makes the online experience more fun and interactive for a positive impression. 

What Chatbot Capabilities Are Right For You, Which Leads To Call To Action

The first step in deciding to use chatbots on your website is to be fully knowledgeable about how they work, their types and the possible limitations of each. You also have an option to redesign your bot by customizing it to your updated needs whenever necessary.

Look for a chatbot that can:

  • Directly integrate on your website social platform and have texting features. 
  • Provides prompt answers to all potential questions that a customer might ask: from appointment bookings to vehicle inventory searches. 
  • Providing links to pages or images of cars can act as a catalyst in purchasing a buyer. 
  • Remembers important conversational details and customer information will help make human operators’ tasks more accessible. 
  • Interact with multiple customers simultaneously. 
  • Continue to learn from various conversations and keep enhancing with better responses. 
  • Efficiently secures all information that it receives and safely transmits it. 

Whether consumers nowadays are comfortable with a bot or a human shouldn’t be the priority. What matters is that your customers get what they need, and they get it exactly when they need it. Human operators are free to join the conversation anytime, though they rarely have to. With DealerAI, car dealerships can increase customer satisfaction and achieve higher sales.

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