Used Car Dealerships’ Digital Transformation – Capture Leads Effectively

A sharp trend of disruptive innovations in the automobile industry has occurred, and the type of vehicles – electric powered, hybrid, or with Internal Combustion Engines are no exceptions. At the heart of this progress lies the digitization of the services. Therefore, pre-owned car dealerships embracing digital transformation can efficiently cater to the high demand on the market.

Pre-Owned Car Dealers Digital Revolution 

Business digital investment for capturing automobile customers expect to increase from $38 billion in 2015 to over $168 billion in 2025. As a result, providing seamless online customer service to get ahead in the competition has become a guarantor for leads retention and market cap. 

As of 2022, 92% of car buyers consult online sources before buying. In such a nail-biting scenario, the dealership industry of both new and used cars is undergoing a digital revamp. 

Capture Leads Effectively For Used Car Dealerships 

The first step of digital transformation can be equipping automated online chat support. Dealer Principles and general managers should pick a chatbot to extend and integrate the online chat service onto your Facebook social media platforms to provide a consistent customer experience. An intelligent chatbot can assist online visitors instantly with relevant data, including real-time vehicle inventory search. In addition, used car dealers providing after-sale options in their customer-oriented online presence are getting ahead of the curve in gaining leads.

AI Chatbot in Action

With many AI chatbots available, DealerAI is a sophisticated chat service experienced in the used car dealerships sector. It’s an intelligent technology that combines unique features for a user-friendly digital experience, helping used car dealers attract and retain leads:

It’s Fast!

DealerAI Engage with car buyers faster than competitors. Traditional human live chat average response speed is 1 min, whereas chatbot like DealerAI responds within 1-2 seconds. 

It’s Accurate!

Always available, accurate, and consistent to match your dealership branding and excellent customer service. 

It Can Integrate With Facebook!

90% of used car dealership online leads come from Facebook Vehicle Page. DealerAI chatbot can integrate with Facebook or even SMS text messaging to provide consistent customer support. Finally, no more wait time for online customer services.   

It’s Helpful!

Its self-serve setting allows users to explore and interact with dealerships freely at their own pace. In addition, the DealerAI chatbot will qualify each lead and direct them to the appropriate department. 

It Will Save You Money!

No human is required 24/7 to operate your online chat. The sales and service team can focus on closing deals rather than answering basic questions. You don’t have to worry about training fast turnover staff to respond to online requests. 

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