Hidden Opportunities for Dealerships: Leads From Facebook Page

The post-pandemic has shifted car dealerships’ business towards the online world with the urgency to deliver better digital strategies.

General Managers and Dealer Principals are working to conduct seamless online customer support services. One major transformation is that the demand for omnichannel has been growing, especially in the automotive industry. As a result, businesses that adopt omnichannel customer service allow car buyers to engage freely with their preferences and enhance customer experience.

Collect Qualified Leads From Various Channels

When most companies only focus on the web conversations, there are three major digital channels for a dealership to collect leads:
75% from the website
20% from the dealership’s Facebook page
5% from SMS texting

The traditional way of digital chats will either outsource to a group of outsiders to respond with canned answers or have the in-house BDC team answer incoming messages. However, these methods are slow and with the chance of human errors. A new option for dealerships to capture online leads is to use an AI chatbot. With powerful artificial intelligence software such as DealerAI, dealership staff no longer need to stand by to answer chats during off-hours and weekends. Conversations quality also becomes more consistent and engaging to capture leads across multiple channels.

DealerAI on Facebook Vehicle Listing Page

With 1/5 of online leads coming from Facebook, it’s an essential source for dealerships to build good relationships with Facebook visitors. DealerAI chatbot has a flexible multi-channel approach that contributes to increasing the reach of the Facebook vehicle listing page. When a visitor initiates a chat on the dealership’s Facebook page, it automatically gives a reply to the raised query. The ability to have real-time inventory checks instantly surprises the customers. In this way, it wins the customers over the competitors. In addition, integration throughout different digital platforms, such as the Facebook page, SMS and the webpage, are simple installations upgrades. 

DealerAI chatbot enables car dealerships to automate live chat services. From providing car-related inquiries and booking appointments to scheduling test drives. Available 24/7 for customer satisfaction so that the shopper does not have to wait, increasing engagement. The highly engaging conversations with the customers help the dealers to collect valuable data, correlations, hidden patterns, and market trends. Moreover, it uses the right and intelligent tech-oriented tools to limit third-party marketplaces.

In A Nutshell

The online market and its demand are changing. The up-gradation of live chats to an automated system using AI is becoming a necessity to drive businesses. 

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