Delivering Faster Online Customer Service for Your Dealership’s Success

Delivering timely online customer service can make or break your car dealership business. Instant messaging has allowed clients to expect around-the-clock support, which can be complex and costly for companies to provide.

On the other hand, chatbots can respond to customers’ inquiries speedily at any time of day, playing into the future success of your car dealership.

Data shows that over 40% of internet users prefer dealing with chatbots over virtual agents, as the technology enables customers to communicate through text, voice, or messaging. The chatbot market is booming, so whoever makes the first move and gets ahead of the competition will win business.

This article will look at chatbot trends and how AI chatbot software can enhance car dealerships’ online customer service. So, keep reading if you want to learn how to serve your dealership customers more efficiently.

Why Are Chatbots On the Rise?

Self-service is the new trend, and it fits clients’ needs by allowing them to move at their speed while also taking charge of the conversation and its outcome, leading to increased customer satisfaction while also reducing the operating costs for the business.

Likewise, chatbots have been continuously demonstrating success across multiple industries. Corporations, such as Starbucks or eBay, are incorporating the technology into their customer service departments as they seek to provide a more seamless digital experience.

Given the substantial investments made by major tech companies in developing intelligent chatbots and machine learning technologies, it is expected that these will only continue to improve business efficiency and surpass the performance of virtual customer service representatives.

Chatbots’ Striking Advantage over Human Counterparts

Statistically, a standard human live chat can take up to 11 minutes to resolve a customer query. However, AI chatbots, such as DealerAI, can beat virtual human-to-human interactions by carrying out a highly engaging conversation and generating a lead for your automotive business in 1 to 2 minutes.

Furthermore, since chatbots can emulate human agents using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, each interaction increases your dealership’s capacity to help answer general inquiries and collect lead-qualifying information.

Car Dealerships Still Reluctant to Utilize the Technology Despite The Benefits

Most auto dealerships still depend on human live chat providers, and we think it’s a missed opportunity.

To begin with, car buyers do not like to hang around, and the propensity to switch to a competitor owing to excessive wait times is high.

Besides, selling a car from a buyer inquiry to a drive out of your dealership is a time-consuming process requiring the engagement of several team members.

Imagine a potential customer asking for information about a car’s specifications or a specific deal your dealership offers. How quickly can you respond to such an inquiry? 82% of buyers want an immediate response when asking a sales question, where AI-powered chatbots can come into play.

At DealerAI, we provide a chatbot with proprietary technology that your car buyers will find easy and natural to interact with, lowering user waiting times, boosting customer satisfaction, and ultimately increasing your chances of converting your leads into paying clients.

We created our software with an omnichannel experience in mind, as we want to meet prospective car owners wherever they are. So whether they visit your dealership site, use social media, or send a text, your visitors will always get accurate and rapid responses. It is like having 24/7 customer service on at all times!

Final Thoughts

Purpose-made natural language understanding chatbots can operate at scale, enabling dealerships to capitalize on their potential and transforming ordinary conversations into revenue-generating brand experiences that increase customer satisfaction while reducing expenses.

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